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Nancy Querry

Investing In Your Workforce and Boosting Employee Health

Health and lifestyle coaches, along with functional nutrition counselors, can be valuable assets to an HR department by contributing to employee wellness initiatives.

Improved Employee Health

These professionals can guide employees towards healthier habits, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and improving overall well-being. This translates to fewer sick days and a healthier, more productive workforce.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

By promoting preventative health measures, these professionals can help companies’ lower healthcare costs associated with employee illness.

Behavior Change Support

Both coaches and counselors are skilled in behavior modification techniques. They can help employees make sustainable changes to their diet, exercise routines, and stress management, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Programs that support employee well-being can boost morale and job satisfaction. This can lead to increased retention and a more positive company culture.

Already Know You Need More of These Benefits In Your Company?


Health and Lifestyle Coach

By focusing on overall well-being, including stress management, sleep, hygiene, and goal setting, Health and Lifestyle Coaches help employees identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to achieve their health goals.

Functional Nutrition Counselor

Through linking the connections between food and health, Functional Nutrition Counselors can assess an employee's dietary needs and recommend personalized nutrition plans to optimize health and manage specific conditions.

By working together, HR, health coaches, and functional nutrition counselors can create a work environment that supports employee health and well-being, leading to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Functional Nutrition Counselor is effective when doing all these things

Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

Nancy started her journey by making the decision and desire to age well, live an active lifestyle and have a “yes” mentality. There have been many activities in Nancy’s history where she inwardly wanted to do but couldn’t do because of several factors including weight, body health, and a "no" mentality. Once she started changing her lifestyle, getting her body healthier and stronger, she did say “yes” to many of those same activities that had previously eluded her, such as indoor skydiving and zip lining! In learning to live a more health-focused life and seeing how it changed other areas of her world, Nancy knew she wanted to be part of this journey for others!

Nancy Family Pic.jpg
From Supplements to Root Causes: Nancy's Journey to Functional Nutrition Counselor

As an introduction to her new desire and career, Nancy started working with a direct sales supplement company where she learned the importance of supplying your body with components it isn’t receiving naturally. In her connection to this company, she had many opportunities to hear doctors and scientists share the why behind the what. Listening to these experts inspired her to develop her understanding of the body even further.


With her deepened knowledge of the body’s inner workings, the tools of supplementation, and the desire to inspire others to a better lifestyle, Nancy operates as an advocate of health and wellness. She works with people by first developing a changed mindset, then focusing on the next steps that will address their concerns and desired outcomes.


As a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Nancy works with people at a deeper level to look ahead whether they have received a diagnosis or are experiencing symptoms of a chronic condition and discover the root causes to bring healing. Nancy can work directly with the medical team to highlight and advocate for nutrition being a main part of their treatment plan.

From "Yes" to Grandkids: Faith & Focus Fuel Nancy's Success

Nancy’s Philosophy Stems From A Biblical View

As a Christ Follower, the foundation of Nancy’s passion comes from The Bible in 1 Corinthians 3:16 (Message Translation)

'You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of god, and God himself is present in you? No one will get by with vandalizing God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred and you, remember, are the temple.'

God created our bodies to be amazing, and they are! What seems impossible or improbable to you now can become with your reach with an “I’m possible” and “YES” mindset and lifestyle!


Your life is not just about your life but about all the lives it is connected to. That is part of Nancy’s vision and dream… it’s not just the person she is counseling, it is about all the lives that they will reach.


Nancy’s end vision for her life allowed her to develop a personalized plan that has given her the time with her grandkids she’s always dreamed of…throwing footballs, playing baseball, riding bikes, swinging, running, and playing tag with them. Nancy’s “YES” mentality to living life has allowed her to “YES” to the best people to say yes to, her grandkids!


Who are your employees wishing they could say “YES” to? How would having employees with a “YES” mentality change the atmosphere of your company for the better?

Nancy Querry with her grandchildren

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