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The Arcue Group's Consulting Services:
Unleashing Human Potential for Peak Performance


In today's dynamic business landscape, maximizing the potential of your workforce is no longer a competitive advantage; it's a necessity for survival. Traditional HR practices often focus on compliance and basic functionality, but what if you could unlock a deeper level of understanding and motivation within your employees? The Arcue Group's Consulting Services offer a suite of innovative tools and strategies that delve beyond the surface, empowering you to build a high-performing, self-aware workforce that consistently delivers exceptional results.

Here's how some of The Arcue Group's Consulting Services can transform your organization:

Building High-Performing Teams Through Effective Communication

Rod Querry with John Maxwell Team

The John Maxwell DISC Assessment, a cornerstone of our Consulting Services, unlocks a wealth of knowledge about individual strengths, communication styles, and motivators. This powerful tool goes beyond traditional personality assessments by incorporating the "Maxwell DISC Drives" – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness – which reveal what motivates and inspires individuals to achieve their best.

Rod and John Maxwell.JPG
By leveraging the DISC Assessment, you gain valuable insights into how your employees prefer to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems. This knowledge empowers you to:​

Build Well-Rounded Teams

Create teams with a diverse range of DISC styles, ensuring complementary skillsets and fostering a more collaborative work environment. Imagine a team where "Dominant" individuals drive results while "Steadiness" team members provide stability and thoughtful analysis.

Tailor Leadership Approaches

Understand how to most effectively motivate and engage with each employee based on their DISC profile. For example, a "Dominant" employee might thrive with direct and results-oriented communication, while an "Influence" individual might respond better to positive reinforcement and emotional connection.

Improve Communication & Conflict Resolution

By understanding individual communication styles, you can equip your employees with the tools to communicate effectively with each other. This can minimize misunderstandings, prevent conflict, and foster a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Unleash Peak Performance with the 7 Life Languages

Arcue Group Offers 7 Life Languages
Does Your Team Sometimes Feel Like They Are Speaking Different Languages?

They probably are! Effective communication is the cornerstone of a thriving workforce. But with diverse personalities, communication styles, and motivators, getting everyone on the same page can be a challenge. The Arcue Group introduces the 7 Life Languages, a powerful framework that helps you unlock hidden potential within your team by understanding how each individual prefers to communicate and be motivated.

The 7 Life Languages can revolutionize your team dynamics by understanding what each language values and how they perceive communication.


Doers value stability and security. Detailed instructions, clear expectations, and a supportive environment fuel their best work.


Contemplators prioritize research and analysis. Providing access to data, opportunities for independent thought, and detailed information fuel their best work.


Influencers are all about relationships and building rapport. Collaborative projects, opportunities for praise, and positive reinforcement are key to motivating them.


These individuals thrive on taking initiative and achieving results. Clear communication, deadlines, and recognition for accomplishment resonate most with them.


Producers value efficiency and organization. Clear systems, processes, and measurable goals are what motivate them most.


Responders seek purpose and meaning in their work. Connecting their role to the bigger picture, offering opportunities for personal growth, and creating a values-driven culture resonate with them.


Shapers crave intellectual stimulation and chance to solve problems. Challenging tasks, opportunities to innovate, and open communication with leadership are crucial for their engagement.

Life Languages Logo.jpg

  • Life Languages Chart in order of preference

  • Range & Gaps showing your ability to switch to other languages

  • Overall Intensity Level for your drive to be heard

  • 4 Success Keys to understand, motivate, and validate each language

  • 2 Development Habits for personal growth

  • Career Information for leadership style, ideal roles, and professions


Everything in the Personal Assessment PLUS...​

  • Acceptance Level of how you view yourself

  • Interactive Style of working alone or in groups

  • Internal Control Level of Disciplined vs Impulsive

  • Intrusion Level your ability to handle interruptions or distractions

  • Projective Indicator the importance of other's perceptions and opinions

  • Learning Preference of physical, visual or auditory

  • Communication Strategy Guide for each language

Unlocking Your Workforce's Strengths Through Kolbe Corp

Talent Mgmt.png
Feeling like your team's full potential remains untapped?

Traditional HR practices often overlook the unique ways individuals naturally approach tasks and decision-making. The Arcue Group introduces the Kolbe Corp Four Action Modes, a powerful assessment tool that helps you understand and leverage your employees' innate strengths.

Arcue Group - Life Languages Aligns Direction.png
By identifying each employee's dominant Action Mode, you can create a work environment that empowers them to excel and contribute to the team's success. Here's a breakdown of the Four Action Modes:
Fact Finder (Why?)

These individuals crave information and understanding.

Follow Thru (How?)

Follow Thrus are detail-oriented and prioritize organization.

Impact (What?)

Impact individuals are driven by results and achieving goals.

Relator (Who?)

Relaters value connection and building relationships.

By understanding each employee's dominant Action Mode, you can:

  • Empower Employees by leveraging individual strengths when delegating tasks and responsibilities. This fosters ownership, engagement, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Build High-Performing Teams by creating well-rounded teams where complementary Action Modes work together to achieve optimal results.

  • Optimize The Work Environment by tailoring your approach to leadership, communication, and project management.

A Comprehensive Range of Personality and Behavioral Assessments

The John Maxwell DISC Assessment, 7 Life Languages, and Kolbe Corp are just the beginning. The Arcue Group offers a comprehensive suite of additional personality and behavioral assessments that provide a deeper understanding of your employees' working styles, preferences, and potential blind spots. These assessments delve into various aspects of employee behavior, such as:

This tool identifies an individual's top strengths, allowing you to empower them to leverage their natural talents and maximize their contributions.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments
Understanding an employee's EQ allows you to identify areas for development and cultivate a more emotionally intelligent workforce, fostering stronger relationships and improved decision-making.


Motivational Assessments

These assessments uncover what truly motivates your employees, allowing you to tailor rewards and recognition programs that resonate with each individual.

By incorporating this broad range of assessments into your HR strategy, you can build a self-aware workforce that understands their strengths, weaknesses, and motivators. This empowers your employees to take ownership of their professional development, leading to increased engagement, satisfaction, and overall performance.

A Collaborative Approach to Problem-Solving

The Arcue Group Builds Your Workforce Commissions

Workforce Commissions represent a powerful and innovative approach to tackling specific HR challenges or opportunities within your organization. These dedicated groups bring together key stakeholders from various departments, including HR, IT, operations, and leadership. This cross-functional collaboration fosters a diversity of perspectives and ensures all voices are heard.

The Arcue Group facilitates the formation and operation of these Workforce Commissions. We guide you on structuring effective commissions, setting clear goals with measurable objectives, and facilitating a collaborative working environment. This collaborative approach delivers several key benefits:

Shared Ownership of Solutions

By involving key stakeholders in the problem-solving process, you foster a sense of ownership for the solutions developed by the commission. This increases buy-in and ensures successful implementation.

Comprehensive Solutions

By drawing on the expertise of various departments, Workforce Commissions can develop well-rounded, multi-faceted solutions that address the root causes of HR challenges.

Improved Communication & Collaboration

The process of working together in a commission strengthens communication channels and fosters a culture of collaboration across departments within your organization.

123 Commissions.png

A Data-Driven Approach to Measurable Results

The Arcue Group's Consulting Services go beyond simply offering tools and strategies. We believe in the power of data-driven decision making. Following the implementation of any consulting service, we work with you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your overall business goals. These might include metrics such as employee engagement scores, retention rates, or productivity improvements. Through ongoing data analysis, we track the impact of our services on these KPIs and adjust our strategies to ensure your company thrives.

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your HR Strategy?

Contact The Arcue Group today and let's discuss your unique needs. We'll work with you to build a customized solution that drives success, propels your business forward, and empowers your people to achieve their best.

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