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About Us

We Speak!  We Coach!  We Train! 

The Arcue Group exists to build belief and hope into leaders who have given up and feel that there is no end in sight.  We work with Businesses, Churches, Not-For and For-Profit Organizations. 

We do this through Leadership Development, Communication Training, and Interpersonal Relationship skills.  All day seminars, one-on-one coaching, staff development, and multiple sessions are available.  We customize our program based off of your needs.  


An outside view often helps identify strengths and weaknesses while addressing the 'how-to's' to make the team stronger.

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Our Story

The Arcue Group began in May 2018 as a Consulting Firm assisting not-for-profit organizations with communication skills, working through toxic work environments, and providing one-on-one consulting, group communication sessions, lunch-and-learns, and seminar speaking.

In October 2019, the business relocated to North Texas and began networking with new organizations.  We have since expanded into conducting workshops with businesses, creating policies and procedures, learning new communication skills, and working with organizations to increase morale amongst staff members.  

In June 2023, we expanded our efforts and began publishing books and sending the authors on speaking tours across the United States.  We are anticipating additional books to be published soon.

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